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Art Hub LDN FAQs

Have any Questions? See if we have answered them before.

How many children can join the party? And what is the maximum number of attendees?

You will need a minimum of ten children and we can do up to thirty for one party.
How long does the party last?

The standard party is an hour, but can be cut to 45 minutes for younger children.
Do I need to provide any additional kit?

No, everything will be provided in the pack from Pickles & Bakes.

Do you send them to each attendee?

It is the hosts responsibility to deliver the bags to each attendee.

Do you set up the zoom link?

Yes, we will provide a zoom link once your party is confirmed.

What is your cancellation policy?

A full refund will be granted up to ten days before the party. After which point we will be unable to refund you.

What’s the best age for your parties?

The parties are suitable for kids aged from 5 - 12. Parents will need to be on hand to assist the younger kids.

Do adults need to be on hand?

For younger children, we would recommend having a parent on hand.

What allergens are in the biscuits?

Gluten, Egg and Dairy.

Can they be made dairy/gluten-free?

They can be made dairy and egg-free, but not gluten-free.

How do I receive the biscuits?

The party host will receive a box of pre-packed biscuit bags. It will be the hosts responsibility to deliver the bags to the attendees. Bags can be collected from N12, or posted. Postage costs are additional and will depend on the number of bags required and the subsequent weight of the box.

How much does it cost?

The parties are £25 per head for up to 10 children. And £23 per head for anything over 10 children. Payment is due in full, in order to confirm the booking. Any changes in numbers need to be confirmed within 10 days' notice of the party date.

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